About Us

About Poops Away

Poops Away is a provider of dog supplies for customers Nationwide. We are a company under LeisureMore Corporation, which was founded in 1998. Our parent company develops, tests and commercializes new consumer and business products, along with a team of market researchers and product designers that work hand in hand to develop exceptional products that are delightful and user-friendly, along with being revolutionary and economical.

We Live Up To Our Name

The products we offer ensure fast and easy cleanups. For example, our durable bags and ultra-lightweight scoops ensure a no fuss cleanup when taking dogs for walks or when letting dogs do their business in the yard. You can also avoid getting your hands dirty with the help of tough, opaque bags and sturdy scoops that ensure your pet’s waste is out of your sight and out of your mind. Lastly, we offer bag dispensers that may be reused as recycled grocery bag holders.

Aside from our bags, our signs ensure that when used on commercial grounds, pet owners are reminded to keep the area clean and to encourage cleanliness.

Get In Touch With Us Today

Contact Poops Away by phone at (909) 548-7881. We offer ready-to-use dog bags, scoops, and bag dispensers for a cleaner environment. Our friendly and accommodating staff is eager to serve you.